Xiaomi Smart Glasses to replace smartphones

Can smartglasses replace smartphones? Xiaomi believes so.

Asian brunette man with mustache wearing black Xiaomi Smart Glasses
Image by Xiaomi.

Xiaomi believes Smart Glasses could be a true hands-free replacement for smartphones in the future.

What are Xiaomi Smart Glasses?

The Xiaomi Smart Glasses are the latest invention from the giant Chinese consumer electronics maker Xiaomi Inc. The glasses are capable of combining imaging systems and sensors into a subtle, ordinary design that makes use of MicroLED screens, which use optical wave-guide technology. This helps both shrink the form factor and reduce the weight of the glasses.

The MicroLED screens function exactly like OLEDs, which means that the pixels are individually lit, resulting in a higher contrast ratio and darker blacks. The increased pixel density, in combination with their simple structure, makes the integration easier than ever into a compact form.

Overall, the functions of the glasses extend to displaying messages and notifications, making calls, navigating, capturing photos, and translating text right in front of the user’s eyes. That, for me, is about 90% of the functions I need from a smartphone.

Dimensions and weight

The smart glasses weigh about 51g, making them easy to carry around and wear comfortably for a long time. Although they’re bulkier than your average glasses near the end pieces and hinges, I dare to say, they’ve done a good job at incorporating and concealing all its electronics in such a small package. The inner surface of the lens has a grating structure that allows light to be refracted uniquely, securely guiding it into the eye.

The display chip of Xiaomi Smart Glasses is just 2.4mm x 2.02mm, while the display itself is about the size of a grain of rice under a microscope, with individual pixels measuring 4μm, allowing it to fit neatly within the frame of the spectacles.

The camera on the left end piece is almost unnoticeable unless you’re standing close to the wearer. In short, the glasses are practical, and design-wise they look like active 3D glasses.


The display is able to reproduce only the green color via the ultra-efficient monochrome display technology. The peak brightness can reach 2 million nits, and Xiaomi claims it can even work under direct sunlight. This sounds too good to be true, but we’ll see for ourselves after the release date. The refraction process includes repeatedly bouncing light beams, allowing you to view a whole picture and considerably boosting practicality. Instead of employing complex multiple lens systems, mirrors, or half mirrors, the Xiaomi Smart Glasses can do all of this with a single lens.

The front-facing 5MP camera apart from taking photos can also interpret the text in photos on the go. A small lighting element is there to let you know when the pictures are being taken. The smart glasses can also convert sounds into text with translations in real-time thanks to the built-in microphone and proprietary translating algorithm.

Finally, the glasses are powered by a quad-core ARM CPU, decent battery, touchpad, Wi-Fi/Bluetooth modules, and an Android operating system.

Will Smart Glasses replace smartphones?

Xiaomi believes its smart glasses will be able to replace the usage of a smartphone in many instances as they’re not a complementary accessory, but an independent smart wearable, boasting the most important functions any person will ever need. This, allegedly, will be achieved by the proprietary ‘XiaoAI’ assistant that is able to distinguish the most from the least significant tasks related to your usage behavior in combination with the features we mentioned earlier. However, in no way, Xiaomi claims that you won’t need to keep your smartphone with you.

We can all agree that being able to execute your most frequent tasks in a truly hands-free experience, can almost feel as if your smartphone is redundant, which is Xiaomi’s goal. A cool gadget, nevertheless, and worth checking out.

What do you think about the Xiaomi Smart Glasses?

Will they replace smartphones?

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