‘She-Hulk:’ will this new series make it?

Will Disney be able to succesfully deliver a TV series about a female Hulk?

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‘She-Hulk: Attorney at Law’ is an upcoming TV series featuring a female Hulk. A great concept, but the delivery might be subpar. Here’s why.


‘She-Hulk: Attorney at Law’ is a Marvel Studios production. It comprises a 10-episode TV serial that will be streamed on Disney+. It was written by Jessica Gao, and is the 18th MCU series. Supposedly, it follows the script of the existing Marvel films. The premiere is on August 17, 2022, and the season will end on October 12.

Based on the trailer released so far, the series is promising. But there might be some caveats that could potentially evolve into a larger problem. Let’s see if the series will live up to the hype or fail.

She-Hulk’s background story

Originally, ‘She-Hulk’ was a fictional persona written by Stan Lee and John Buscema. It was published by Marvel Comics in 1980. The comics depicts a woman (Jennifer Walters) who, just like her male counterpart, could transform into the green thing. Jennifer was a normal human being working as a lawyer, until the day a crime boss critically injured her.

Fortunately for Jennifer, her cousin, Bruce Banner (The Hulk), was visiting her to let her know about his new powers. Since no other matching donor was found for blood transfusion, Bruce gave her his blood,. That turned her into the She-Hulk.

What was different about her, compared to Hulk, was her mental stability. She could retain her intelligence even after her transformation. Later on, she decided to permanently remain in that state, as it gave her confidence and freedom.

Marvel’s idea

Marvel Studios has a good grasp of Jennifer’s personality. She is quirky, and uses humor on every occasion, even during fights. She’s also an idealist and puts great effort into protecting the weak. In ‘Marvel Comics’, she even breaks the “fourth wall.” That lets her communicate with her audience or writer. We can see from the trailer that those traits are successfully retained.

She-Hulk breaking the fourth 4th wall
She-Hulk breaks the “4th wall” (Marvel Comics 1980-82).

However, that’s also where the problems begin. For starters, She-Hulk is incredibly composed and level-headed when transformed. Even though this is something new to her, she manages to control it. In the comics, she wasn’t much different from the regular angry Hulk. She needed a great deal of time and effort to reach her sensible state.

Perhaps the 10-episode length of the series is the reason her character is rushed. But I believe that good writing can overcome that. If the show puts in effort, the reception will be great. In turn, that could open the doors to more seasons.

Other problems

Physical abilities

Her rushed character development isn’t the only problem with Marvel Studios’ production. Even after the transformation, she looks almost the same in appearance and size. However, she exhibits great strength just like Hulk, That doesn’t make any physical sense. Strength is dependent on muscle size and that’s a fact. How could a skinny Hulk-alike lift the same as the male Hulk? This is also far from her depiction in the comics. At least, there she was much bulkier and taller and gave the unmistaken impression of a female Hulk.

Also, in the comics, she started as an angry female Hulk, and tamed herself much alter. Contrary to that, in the trailer, she seems quite adept at fully retaining her composure from the start. That should also be impossible if we consider the time needed to adjust to those changes. Bruce Banner was a good example of that. It was after so many years that Hulk could finally keep calm. Hence, more time should be allocated to Jennifer for her smooth adaptation to her new powers.

Production issues

Design flaws seem to be present in this upcoming TV serial. The CGI is “choppy”, and the 3D models are rushed. When her Jennifer’s face moves, her expressions appear very artificial. The size and shape of her face barely change after her transformation. Perhaps they should just paint her face green. Why bother with complex CGI if nothing has changed? She would retain her natural expression this way. Despite the progress of technology, it still fails to capture authentic human emotions. Directors know this already.

Her dress code doesn’t help either. She dresses like a normal lawyer in a suit with perfectly done hair, makeup, and high heels. This, in combination with her normal size, gives the impression of a regular green woman, without anything else going on.

She-Hulk’s face.

Some people say she looks like Gamora from the ‘Guardians of The Galaxy.’ And they would be right. Others call her Fiona (from ‘Shrek’). Still, both of these characters looked more natural than Jennifer.

Woke culture

“She-Hulk” is a story based on a female Hulk. That is on par with the current trend of productions turning established male characters into female ones. Apparently, this is a display of equality, independence and power of modern women. However, most of these productions (e.g. ‘Ghostbusters!’), are not relatable to the majority of the population. They have completely failed to connect with the audience due to their political correctness. All they do is shovel down to people’s throats everything about third-wave feminism. They also cannot realize that hating men and blaming “patriarchy”, doesn’t help either.

She-Hulk (woman) carrying a man to bed.

The original She-Hulk did not particularly aim at that. But now it can be dismissed as such. It’s a big problem if the series gets mixed up with the rest of the politically correct abominations we’ve watched. People don’t know her background story. Hence why they’re going to assume that this is another cringe movie about strong and independent women.

Regardless of the outcome, the series will definitely be exploited by third-wave feminists. It can be easily used as a tool to rub their agenda in our faces. I suspect many people will get canceled once the series gets its first critics.


Marvel’s idea regarding the production of a She-Hulk series, is something I strongly support. I also believe I’m going to enjoy this one, despite its flaws. However, the production problems combined with the current narrative, might cause its downfall. Let’s see how it will turn out.

What do you think about She-Hulk? Will it be successful series or a big flop?

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