Why do women cheat? Here are 15 reasons

15 reasons women cheat on their man.

Woman cheating on her husband Unfaithful movie

Men struggle to understand cheating women. Here are 15 reasons why women cheat on their partners.

Women are complex beings for most men. From their perspective, it is rather difficult to understand their actions and motivations. Even more, when it comes to cheating.

Cheating, per se, is a disgusting habit that ruins relationships and hurts people. Both genders are equally guilty of that. Most of the time, it’s easy for women to see through men and understand the motives of their infidelity. However, their reasons are bizarre to most men.

Check out the top 15 reasons why women cheat:

1. Attention

It’s true that women want and need attention, just like any person. We all feel better after receiving attention and validation from our peers, and even more from our romantic partners. That’s why it should be treated as a normal need. It’s good for our mental health and emotional well-being.

Women crave attention, but not just from anybody. Their man is the person whom they want it from the most. As such, if that core need isn’t met, they might give up on trying. Once that happens, they will seek attention from another man. This is irrelevant to her relationship status (dating, married, etc.). Her judgment is clouded by disappointment, and she no longer cares.

It looks like simple matter and it is. Yet it should be taken seriously, because the fulfillment of our needs from our partners is what keeps the relationship standing. Imagine if your partner didn’t bother spending time with you. You could as well count it as not being with that person anymore.

A woman seeking attention (image by cottonbro).

2. Validation

No woman likes to be taken for granted by her partner. She needs to feel valued and appreciated by him at all times. She needs to feel that her partner acknowledges everything she does for him. Be it her love for him, her cooking, or her cleaning. Or even a dinner she’d prepared. It doesn’t matter. The message here, is that you have to value her every effort.

No female likes when her partner assumes that once she’s “taken” she is obligated to stay in that relationship and provide everything. She’ll simply leave or seek the validation she needs from somewhere else. There’s a no bigger offense for a woman than being taken for granted. She doesn’t want to feel like your mother.

3. Sexual fulfillment

Our partner might be perfect in every way, except in the bedroom. We naively like to pretend that all the advantages outweigh this one little disadvantage. But in the long run, it’s going to impact the dynamics of a relationship. Slowly but steadily, it’s going to erode all the romantic feelings toward our partner. You just have to remember that a romantic relationship is not only dependent on emotions, but also on intimacy and sexual fulfillment.

As such, this crucial matter has to be addressed promptly. Otherwise, your woman will find that sexual fulfillment in another man’s pants. So, guys, don’t think that your lady would never do it. If her needs aren’t met, she’s definitely thinking about it. In most cases, she wouldn’t act on her impulse out of love and respect for you. Other times because the opportunity just hasn’t appeared yet.

Man makes love to blindfolded woman black and white
That’s what she wants (image by mypornarchive.net).

4. Trust issues

Women feel uneasy about cryptic partners. They don’t like when he doesn’t talk much about himself or his daily activities. Even worse, he might hide his whereabouts and other important things from her. If that happens, she’s going to feel either disconnected from him, or that he’s cheating on her. Once distrust becomes part of the relationship, it’s hard for her to trust him again. If ever.

What does this mean? It means that other things will be lost along with it. Her feelings for him and the security she feels with him, will no longer be there. Once her inner peace is disrupted, the relationship will end. Simply, she cannot love a person she doesn’t trust. That’s the pillar of every human relation. That’s why a man has to prove his trustworthiness daily. Failing to do so, will drive her to a more trusting person.

A woman not trusting her partner (Image by Keira Burton).

5. Communication issues

Not being able to express her wishes, thoughts or desires, is detrimental to a woman’s psyche. She expects to be able to open up to her man. She wants to let him know her feelings and her insecurities. Or even talk about random stuff. She also needs to feel comfortable doing so. Her man needs to assure her that she can share everything with him.

This goes the other way around too. If her man can’t communicate to her his wants and needs, she won’t be able to satisfy him. Hence the relationship might fail. Communication is a core relationship requirement.

A couple lacking communication (image by Karolina Grabowska).

6. Lack of quality time

Spending private time with each other, is another prerequisite for a sucssesful relationship. If the couple doesn’t spend any time together, they eventually drift apart. Attachment, communication, devotion, trust, and love, will all wither in time. The causes can be many. However, only identifying them, won’t fix the problem. Acknowledging the issue is only the first step of the solution.

Why? Because once the couple grows apart, it’s very hard to glue things back. The lack of interest creates enough room for her to re-evaluate things. Eeventually, she will break up with her man and seek out a differnt one. Or cheat…

7. Lack of love

Love is the ultimate ingredient in any successful relationship. Love is that unexplainable something that makes you think about your significant other. It’s the cement that keeps things together. Only love will make someone attached to a person. Love eliminates tempations. So, if love isn’t present, then everything will fall apart. I don’t need to tell you how much you mean to a woman that doesn’t love you.

8. Temptation

This factor stems mostly from the reasons mentioned above. When temptation is present, a woman is going to give in if there’s no strong foundation in her relationship. It’s not really about her straying from the right path. But it’s about taking advantage of the emergence of an opportunity. She might not even know it, but she was subconsciously thinking about. Or it might be something that she decided on a long time ago. One little boost is all she needs to go for it. That be alcohol, her persuasive friends, or her disatiscation towards you.

Some women might call it a “mistake” and ask for forgiveness However, that rarely is a misstep without her really wanting to do it. Why would a person place herself into such situations if there was no motive? Think about it.

Woman having sex with a man on a chair black and white color
Perhaps she found what she needed on her boss’s lap.

9. Her partner’s financials

Just as it sounds, many women care about their partner’s social and financial status. They have high expectations from them. They want someone of a high value and to provde for them. Sometimes these expectations are stigmatized by society. This is due to women making it overly obvious. That in turn, shows shallowness and implies that money is the only thing they want.

However, you shouldn’t disregard that need as trivial. This is valid and part of her instinctual behavior. A female always prioritizes a male that can provide shelter and all the necessities. She must ensure that her offsprings are safe and well-fed. In my opinion, there’s nothing wrong with that. Also it makes a lot of sense breaking up with the the poor guy (lieterally), and seek better alternatives.

A man of high status (image by Yasin Gündogdum).

10. The status of ther man

Same as above. Women care about the social status of their men. It’s charming to them, and they like to brag about it. Ideally, they want their partner to be a leader that is acknowledged and respected by social circle (the alpha male). It’s one of the things that women desire in a man. Usually, these men are figures of authority Such as their boss, politicians, businessmen, or any other important individual.

Don’t try to overthink it if she cheats on you with one of those guys. It’s hard for her to resist when his status is bigger than yours.

11. Criticism

Women, just like everybody, don’t like being criticized about every little thing. They don’t want to know how wrong they did something. Even if it’s true, a man has to respect her and stop nit-picking. He shouldn’t try to change her either. Women find these acts a huge turn-off. So, if they don’t break up with you, they’re definitely going to cheat on you out of spite. Yes, they do that too.

12. Control or jealousy

Closely related to a judgmental partner, a controlling one is even worse. The feeling of suffocation that comes from a person that tries to control every aspect of your life is simply unbearable. Reasonably enough, women hate that. She will need to “breathe” at some point, if you know what I mean. Although the existence of those relationships is hardly comprehensible to me, they do exist, and are doomed to fail.

A jealous man can ruin the mood (image by Timur Weber)

13. Violence

Violence is destructive for love and trust. Verbal and physical abused, will render her man to a nobody in her eyes. As such, there’s no doubt that she will cheat on him and dump him at the first opportunity.

A woman, just like any living being, wouldn’t want to be mistreated. It’s their instincts above all that tell her to get out as fast as possible. Being compliant and submissive is a false impression that she loves you. Despite physical abuse being rare in couples, it does happen.

14. Revenge

Assume that you cheated on her, and she finds out. The first thing that will come to her mind is getting revenge on you. She wants to do the same thing to you, and even better if that person is dear to you. Like your father or your brother. She wants to inflict maximum damage on your feelings, just like you did to her.

Cheating is the ultimate disrespect. Being disrespected like that, not only changes her attitude towards you, but it also makes her question herself. It delivers a huge blow to her ego and confidence. Although getting revenge on you might appear brutal, deep down it’s a coping action. They are hurt, and they found a hurtful way to get over it.

15. Escape

A woman setting herself free (image by Jil Wellington).

Sometimes, there are more problems in a relationship than the ones mentioned above. Other times, there might be things that are just too hard to deal with. Various situations and unpredictable events might have impact on the couple. These could be mental problems, financial changes, or external factors. Hence, why some ladies find it too burdensome to keep on living like that. If she’s unable to endure it, she will find someone she can just “let go” and forget of all these problems.

What other reasons should we add? Please, leave your comment.

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