Why do men cheat? Here are 15 reasons

15 causes that lead men to infidelity.

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Here are the top 15 reasons men cheat on their partners. Do men just think with their penis, or there’s more to it?

Contrary to popular belief, men don’t cheat just because they can’t resist their urges. Men are emotional beings too. Sometimes even more than women… They seek the same things in their love life just like everybody else. Thus, their reasons for infidelity can vary.

In this article, we present the 15 most common reasons that lead men to cheat.

1. Novelty

Men might get bored in a long-term relationship. The monotony pushes them to seek out new sexual adventures that will make them feel alive again. It is as superficial as it sounds, because men aren’t necessarily looking for a new relationship. Just that little “spark” without any emotional attachment. A “side-chick” can bring new and exciting stuff to the table. Do they still love their significant other? Maybe. But, that’s still not an excuse to cheat.

A new partner can “freshen up” things.

2. Sexual fulfillment

Sexual fulfillment is linked to the sexual desires that men already have, but haven’t fulfilled yet. Therefore, men who have rampant fantasies about a particular fetish, which their partner doesn’t like to perform, are pushed towards deviance. It’s all they think about day and night. If you said no to him, this doesn’t mean that he is no longer thinking about it. So, if he happens to find a same-minded person, he might even discover new kinks. That’s what will take him away from you.

A blindfolded man tied on the bed and beaten by his mistress in lingerie
A man fulfilling his kinks (image by aiohotzgirl.com).

3. Emotional fulfillment

Elder couple hugging and feeling content
Emotional fulfillment (image by Yaroslav Shuraev).

Didn’t you know men have feelings too?! Maybe their sex life isn’t the problem. Infidelity can be caused by a lack of love too. If men don’t find the warmth and emotional attachment they’re looking for in their women, they will seek it elsewhere. It shouldn’t be a surprise if he cheats on you just because you refuse to cuddle with him. There’s a woman who would happily do it, including other things…

4. Low self-esteem

If men feel they’re not appreciated by their women, they might seek appreciation from other females. They look for someone who can make them feel good about themselves. Part of the “male pride” is being admired by women. A man wants to know he’s valued and appreciated at all times. He wants to know that he can provide and is worth his salt.

5. Lack of confidence

Men that get constantly berated by women, especially for their sexual performance, are destined to look for a confidence boost. Pleasuring his woman is a crucial component of a male’s ego. It’s the primary reason he’s getting a hard-on. He likes to impress and satisfy your needs. Both of these, however, require confidence. So, if the woman is never satisfied or makes fun of his skills, it will ruin his inner ego and his boner…

Defeated male lion leaves book art
A male without confidence, is incapable of achieving anything.

6. Personality

Some men cheat because that’s who they are. Maybe their upbringing didn’t provide them with any values. Or maybe they’ve had some issues that lead them to such a life. There are also those who don’t value women for who they are, but consider them pieces of meat. They believe they are unworthy of receiving any appreciation from them. Sometimes it can be biological reasons (nymphomania, etc.). But the point is, they cheat because that’s how things work for them. This is how they perceive relationships.

Looking at another woman meme
A “player.”

7. Lack of values

Speaking about values, proper raising from the parents, is a critical component of adult males’ behavior. If during their early childhood, their mother was a promiscuous woman or a prostitute, men tend to treat women badly when they grow up. Sometimes, their father might teach them to do so. As a result, they end up believing that women don’t deserve any respect. Therefore, they cheat because they think it’s the right thing to do.

8. Traumatic experiences

Childhood is always a strong factor in these types of issues. As such, molested, bullied, or mistreated men, will display unstable behavior when it comes to relationships. They probably don’t wish to hurt others, but it’s something they cannot avoid. It’s the cliché scenario of long-term victims turning into abusers.

9. Revenge and recovery

When a woman cheats and the man finds out, his world falls apart. Under his superficial rage, his ego has been shattered into a million pieces. Whether he confronts his woman or not, he might cheat just to get back at her. That could restore his shattered ego. This is because a cheated man feels inadequate and emasculated when he’s cheated on. There are times when he might agree to forgive you and leave it behind. However, remember that if you cheated on your partner, they will never truly forgive you.

10. His woman’s appearance

Eventually, the elephant in the room has to be addressed. And that’s his woman’s appearance. No matter how much he loves you, if you are no longer sexy, another woman will come in. That may have happened either because you’ve let yourself go, or you’ve forgotten what it means to doll up.

Either way, given how easy it’s to watch hot women everywhere around him, it can be too tempting for him to resist. Phones and social media have made sure of that. So, be careful, because your man has definitely noticed your bad hair and your baggy clothes, despite his silence.

pretty young mistress vs uggly fat wife
Mistress vs. wife (image by atlascompany – www.freepik.com).

11. The last resort

If the couple is suffering from the “dead bedroom” syndrome, eventually the man will snap. That’s the point where he might resort to cheating. If sex isn’t present and his needs are suppressed, they will push him into cheating.

12. Peer pressure

Something that’s commonly overlooked is peer pressure. It’s no surprise that when a group of men is surrounded by attractive females (e.g. a strip club), they will always try to persuade one another to go for it. They think it’s fun to persuade someone to cheat. Or because they might think their friend deserves better than what they have at home. Regardless, groups of men can exert great pressure. That’s because if a man doesn’t listen to his friends, he won’t be “manly” enough in their eyes. And who wants to be a “wuss” in front of his friends?

a female stripper performing lapdance ina blue lit room from powder blue movie
A man seduced by a stripper (image by ‘Powder Blue’ movie).

13. Temptation

Sometimes it’s not even planned, but it can happen. If a man finds himself in a situation where hot females are present, his morals might start to fade. That’s because reality is different from fantasy. Even if a man thinks he would never cheat, he might succumb to the touch of a hot woman with irresistible perfume. I guess he wasn’t as tough as he thought.

14. Stress relief

Work and family life can put a substantial amount of stress and pressure on the “pillar” of the house. As such, men might discover that exciting sex with a new woman, might give them the relaxation they always needed.

A naked man smoking cigarrete while lying on his bed
A man smoking after sex (image by Christopher via a.xxxlibz.com).

15. They don’t know they’re cheating

Yes. As oblivious as it might sound, some men might have a different definition of “cheating” than women. He might be sitting in the private booth of a strip club, with a hot stripper on his lap, and still doubt that that’s cheating. Many men think similarly about liking a picture of a hot model on Instagram. Perhaps asking him what constitutes “cheating” would clear things out for you. So, do that before anything irreparable happens.

men we don't know what we did family guy meme
A man who doesn’t know what he did (image by ‘Family Guy’).

What other reasons should we add?

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