Who would have thought that Thor was real?

When cosplay meets science, the results can be amazing!

Thor cosplay guy holding electrified hammer and wearing red cape

When you combine engineering with immeasurable love for Thor, you get one of the sickest cosplays ever! Here is how an engineer did it.

‘Thor’, the God of Thunder, has attracted quite the attention with the last ‘The Avengers’ movie. His strength, combined with witty jokes in dire situations along with his iconic hammer, makes him a wholesome hero that not many people would dislike. That’s why, sometimes, we just wish he was real, so we can witness that awesome dude in front of our eyes.

Unfortunately, superheroes aren’t real, but Ian Charnas begs to differ, by pulling off one of the closest Thor cosplay anyone has ever seen, and he uses 400,000 Volts of electricity for that!

How did he do it?

Ian is not just a random guy with a desire to dress up like Thor. He’s an engineer that loves to combine science and fun. Before showing us the final product, Thor’s suit and hammer had to go through rigorous experimenting and testing. It involves a lot of chemistry, hazardous materials, nickel plating, and many other processes. It’s not something amateurs should try at home or without guidance. I’m not a chemist either, so I’ll let him explain how he did it, in the video below:

Ian Charnas shows his magnificent cosplay, and explains how he did it.

Wait! There is more!

Ian’s success doesn’t stop here. As he explains himself, he’s the founder of the ‘Tesla Orchestra’, an entertainment band, which made its first appearance at Cleveland’s Ingenuity Festival in 2009.

‘Tesla Orchestra’ is an entertainment band that creates music by utilizing high-voltage electricity and making fantastic shows around the globe, with the aim of promoting science and engineering. You could say that they managed to successfully combine art and engineering into one. Just like Asgard people managed to combine magic and science into one. Coincidence? I think not.

If you are curious about Ian’s work, and want to find out more, you can click on the following links:

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