Is dating in the workplace acceptable? 5 things you should know

5 things to consider before dating your colleague.

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Do you have a crush on your coworker? Check out the 5 things you need to consider before dating them.

Dating a coworker might sound exciting per se. We’ve all watched movies that fuel our wildest fantasies. A romance of that kind is hard to not think about. Not if you’re spending 40 hours together per week.

Fantasy aside, how viable is dating a coworker? Are there any drawbacks? Could it turn into a promising relationship? Or even marriage?

There’s a lot to think about before acting on your romantic feelings in the workplace. In this article, we’ll discuss the top 5 factors you should consider.

1. Gossip

two women gossip at workplace office
“Hey! Did you hear about Jacob and Angelina?”

If there is a person you like at your workplace, rest assured that people have noticed. Especially women, with a knack for picking up subtle cues. Most likely, everybody is in the same boat. This is just the start if you decide to proceed with your romance. So, be ready to become the center of attention on a daily basis. Everything you do will become the most popular lunch break topic.

Maybe you don’t mind at all. If you’re a mature and laid-back person, that’s cool too. However, all this gossip might negatively impact your partner. That can quickly end your relationship. Sometimes people can’t handle those stares and whispers. Or even worse, your coworkers could get jealous and spread lies about you two. So, my answer is to properly evaluate your work environment and weigh the pros and cons. That way, you will know better before you make a move.

2. Company’s policy

A company’s policy can be bizarre.

Let’s assume that you’re past the first problem. Then, suddenly, you receive a call or email related to your romantic adventures. A relationship between colleagues could be a violation of the company’s policy. As surprising as it might sound, a private business always has its eyes on you. Everything you do or say can be used against you. Even when it doesn’t violate any policy, the upper management might still not “approve.”

In any case, there are “informal” rules we must abide by at every job. Therefore, be prepared to face the consequences.

3. Compatibility

incompatible couple

Your colleague might be uninteresting.

Chances are, you’re attracted to your colleague because you’ve found many desirable traits in them. You’ve witnessed how they treat the people surrounding them. You’ve also been amazed by how good they’re at their job. On top of that, their dress code and hygiene are also spot on. However, what you haven’t considered yet, is the probability that this could be a facade.

We all put on our work “mask” before we go to our uninspiring jobs. This stands true for your work partners as well. Perhaps they aren’t as amazing in real life as they’re in the office. They could be completely stuck up, miserable, and un-sexy. They could possess much more repulsive traits than you thought.

Hence, it’s wise to meet after work to find out about their real self. Go on a few dates before you make up your mind.

4. Career changes

past future path
Some people are able to tread on others.

It looks like you’re a couple now, and everything is working like a clock. Then your partner tells you the bad news: a company, far away, has made them a proposal they cannot refuse. Everything is in shambles now.

A career change is only an example of the things that could go wrong in these kinds of relationships. Another downside could be either of you getting fired. What if you can no longer be 40 hours per week together? Will you be able to sustain your relationship? Will your partner date other colleagues? Will you do the same at your new job? And that brings us to the last point, the breakup.

5. Insufferable breakup

Couple arguing at work
Nobody cares about your romance.

Romantic fairy tales can be the greatest. However, breakups can be equally intense when everything falls apart. All the good times and the amazing sex in forbidden places, will turn into insufferable depression when things are over.

Can you picture yourself seeing your ex every day? Could you handle watching them in a relationship with another colleague? For me, this has been the main reason to not engage in a romantic relationship at the workplace. I simply couldn’t stand the thought of being heartbroken and being forced to see them daily. This would never let me move on. It could also force me to find another job.


A relationship with a coworker is feasible, as it could lead to amazing things. However, your workplace is a challenging environment. The dynamics of that romance can be emotionally exhausting. So, consider all the aspects before going ahead with your decision.

How did your romantic story at the workplace go?

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