Top 25 slang words used in social media: Part 2

Learn these 25 phrases to embrace the next-gen slang.

Wojak chud and sniffs joe biden funny meme

Here are 25 trendy slang words to get you back in touch with the youth. No need to feel like an old-timer anymore.

Fresh words and memes are created every second, as social media becomes more prominent. Languages have also become more dynamic and continuously evolve to suit the demand for change. This can affect us directly and indirectly. It could pose a barrier to understanding each other. Hence, the need to update ourselves, and be on the same track as the rest.

If you’re feeling too old to adapt to these changes, then you’d be right. Sometimes slang language is difficult to decipher and keep up. That’s why we have gathered the top 25 slang words that you should know by now.

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WARNING: The following words/ memes might be offensive to some folks. Please, try to understand that the purpose of this article is to give an explanation of their meaning only. Not to actually use them as derogatory terms.

1. Cap/No cap

Lie/not a lie.

It’s usually found under TikTok video comment sections as a blue hat (cap) symbol. It’s also used on other social media platforms.

2. Chair symbol

A replacement for the laughing emoji.

The chair symbol began as a joke, but it quickly became widely used. It’s used when something is so amusing, that you grab a chair to sit and enjoy the show.

3. Vooter

Brainwashed voters.

Similar to the boomer, bloomer, coomer, and other variants, the vooter is a person that is passionate about voting. He truly believes that his vote is meaningful and can change the world. The vooter never misses any elections.

the vooter funny meme
The 31-year old vooter.

4. Chud memes

It’s used ironically against those who use the term “Chad.” This name is supposed to represent a guy with great physique and social skills. Like the Alpha in a wolf pack. Ironically, many beta males believe to be “Chads.” Hence, people call them “Chuds” to mock them.

Chud poljak face meme
The Chud meme.

4. Harder, daddy!

Originating from the preconception that girls with daddy issues call their partner “daddy” during sex. This happens also because they choose a partner much older than them (similar to their father). It’s also common for them to want to be dominated by that authoritative figure, hence they scream “harder daddy” during sex.

So, whenever somebody is punishing you in any way, such as beating you in a video-game, you can tell them “harder daddy.” It indicates that you have already given up, and they can keep doing whatever they want.

5. Understood the assignment

Originating from school assignments, this phrase is used when somebody is able to read the situation and act accordingly.

6. Does she?

Abbreviation for: “Does she have an OnlyFans account?”

7. Sniffs

A pedophile’s rating system.

It was directly inspired by Joe Biden’s (“Creepy Joe”) sniffing habits during a swear-in ceremony. During the event, he approached, touched, and sniffed multiple little girls in a seemingly inappropriate manner. Although, everything was dismissed as something innocent by the democratic party.

This rating system is based on the number of times a pedophile inhales the smell of little girls or boys behind their neck. For example, when a post is related to exposed children, it’s rated in “sniffs” instead of stars.

Joe Biden’s sniffing habits.

8. #MeToo hashtag

Originally used as a hashtag on Twitter by women who wanted to increase awareness and sensibilize people against rape. The confessions from multiple women were accompanied by the #MeToo hashtag to indicate their victimhood and it became quite popular. However, it was found out that many did so to gain attention. This misuse was quickly punished by internet trolls.

However, now it’s being used ironically to expose women that purposefully place the #MeToo hashtag on their posts to gain attention, even though they’ve never been raped.

9. Akthually/ ackchyually

In place of “actually”, which is commonly used by neckbeard Redditors or Discord users. The misspelling is linked to the physical mouth problems of such members and their ability to spell words in general (e.g.: too fat to speak coherently).

These users oppose any logical argument or general truth, or simply want to point out unimportant information that barely contradicts the main idea, simply to sound smart and woke (AKA “mid-wits”).

ackchyually funny meme

10. Mid-wit

People that have an IQ ranging between 80-110, are considered neither stupid nor smart, but they’re the majority, and as such, they compose about 70% of the population.

The negative connotation of the term is linked to the fact that they are ignorant and unable to completely see through a problem. However, they are arrogant enough to believe they do. This is due to their delusion of possessing high intelligence.

11. “Sneed!”

Depends on context, but it’s mostly used on comment threads or when making fun of something by being vague. The term dates back to the Simpsons, when Homer visits the “Sneed’s Feed & Seed” farming supply store.

Sneed’s Feed & Seed (‘The Simpsons’).

12. Buck breaking

Used against black people as a racial slur.

It originates from the slave era, where the masters would sexually subjugate black slaves into submission.

13. Purebloods

The unvaccinated against COVID-19.

14. Vaxxed/ Unvaxxed

Abbreviation for vaccinated/ unvaccinated people against COVID-19. It’s also used ironically to point out their gullibility regarding the COVID-19 vaccines.

15. Glownigg*r

FBI, CIA, NSA, or any other government agent who allegedly posts (“glowposting”) extreme right wing materials in comment sections, to lure and entrap right wing extremists.

Example below:

Person A (undercover agent): “Hey! How about we assassinate the president, guys?”

Person B: “Haha! That’s a low quality bait, you glownigg*r!”

glownigger green light on computer screen funny meme
CIA glownigg*r uncovered on the screen.

16. Poopa

Stands for an attractive and big butt, that you’d like to eat out. Similar to “booba” for big attractive boobs.

Butts are called “poopa” because they are addressed as the physical source of poop.

17. Burgerland

The USA.

18. Amerimutt

Slur for “American” to condemn the diverse and mixed-race society of the USA.

19. Mutt’s Law

Is an anti-race mixing slur, mostly seen on 4chan and other right wing forums.

Mutt’s Law is cited whenever an “Amerimutt” pushes his diverse and race-mixing agenda to ruin a post dedicated to white-only users.

mutt's law by amerimutts funny meme
Mutt’s law

20. Dilate

An offensive term against male-to-female (MtF) transsexuals who have transitioned, but still need to dilate their artificial vagina daily. Hence, whenever an MtF makes an incorrect or controversial statement, it’s usually met with the “dilate” as a counterargument. That is done in the sense that she should just keep performing her painful treatment instead of talking nonsense.

The phrase is also used as: “Cope, seethe, and dilate.”

21. 13/52

A number used against the black community to highlight and condemn their actions.

This number highlights the disproportionate crime rate of black people who compose 13% of the population in the USA while committing more than 52% of the total crimes.

13/52 slur meme facebook comment
13/52 racial slur.

22. Europoor

American slur against Europeans, indicating their inability to own big and expensive houses or cars.

23. La Creatura

In English it means “The Creature.”

It’s a slur against mixed-raced, ugly, or transgendered people.

24. Femoid

Female poster/commenter.

25. Stonetossing

It can have many meanings, but it boils down to accusing/judging someone you dislike in the highest order (like throwing stones at a person).

What other words would you like to add? Please, leave your comment.

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