Is the ‘Chaos’ Greek ultra car, real or fake?

Should we take the first Greek ultra-car with a grain of salt?

Greek Chaos Car in grey color facing the camera
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Great news for the production of the first Greek 3,000bhp ultra-car. However, rumors say the car is a scam.

Who expected that Greece will be the country to claim the record of the fastest ICE car ever produced? Not many, but it shouldn’t be a surprise either. Many countries that have never produced any vehicles are now pioneers in automotive. We’re looking at you, Mate Rimac from Croatia!

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Spyros Panopoulos is a racer, engineer, and founder of Panopoulos Automotive. He is confident that he will create an ultra-car that will surpass every other known ICE car to this date, called ‘Chaos.’ The figures are as bold as the claim itself. We’re talking about 3,000 hp and a top speed of 500 km/h (310 mph). This is achieved through a 4.0L V10 engine made completely by 3D printing. The car will come in two variants: the ‘Earth’, and ‘Zero Gravity.’



  • Engine: type V10, 90 degrees (billet aluminum engine block)
  • Displacement: 3,955.8 cm3
  • Max power: 2,048.7 hp (1527.7 kW)
  • Max torque: 1,389.4 Nm (1024.7 lb ft)
  • Red line: 10,000 – 11,000 rpm (depends on the final engine and fuel set up)

‘Zero Gravity’

  • Engine: type V10, 90 degrees (3D printed Magnesium alloy engine block)
  • Displacement: 3,955.8 cm3
  • Max power: 3,064.7 hp (2284.9 kW)
  • Max torque: 1,983.5 Nm (1462.9 lb ft)
  • Red line: 11,800 rpm – 12,200 rpm (depends on the final engine and fuel setup)

Both cars come in a body made of 78% of ‘Anadiaplasi’ 3D printed titanium and magnesium alloys, and carbon fiber or Kevlar. This material, is said to be the strongest man-made material. It is also the first organic fiber whose cross-sectional strength outperforms both steel and carbon fiber.

What’s also striking about both variants, is the exterior and interior design elements. All of them scream “expensive and cool.” Zylon, titaniun, NASA-grade carbon fiber, 3D printed Magnesium wheels, you name it.

Once inside the cockpit, the quality and extraordinary technology make their presence too, making ‘Chaos’ look like the best car ever made.

The ‘Chaos’ inside out (image by

Background of the creator

Spyros Panopoulos is a 43-year-old Greek, born in Athens. He has always been a petrol head and participated in automotive racing as early as 1997. Since then, he’s been quite successful. He has won multiple races, and built custom engines for his racing cars.

A few examples of those are:

  • In 2005 he designed and built the first billet 5-axis CNC machined compressor. This could achieve greater compression ratios and efficiency when compared to conventional ones;
  • In 2006 he managed to design and build the first full billet engine block that could reach 5.4G acceleration with up to 45% more efficiency than other designs;
  • In 2008 he built the first +1,000 hp/L turbocharged 16V engine. It was an OEM Mitsubishi Evolution engine reaching over 2,000 hp output and 12,800 rpm;
  • In 2010 – he patented and designed 3D billet pistons, and “pocket design.” Those brought aerospace steel to racing car applications;
  • In 2015 he built the ‘Gen2 patent’, a compressor that would achieve as much as 80% higher performance than conventional ones;
  • In 2017, 2018, and 2019 he held the 1/4 mile world record;
  • In 2019 he made 3D printed steel, titanium, and ‘Anadiaplasi’ pistons.

Those are just a few examples of Spyro’s achievements. The bottom line is, he is the person that knows what he is doing. That’s why our hopes are high for putting those numbers on the road. Here you can see more details on Spyros Panopoulos.

Release date of ‘Chaos’

The hype for this ultra-car has been going on for at least a year now. The creator and the reporters are teasing on YouTube and Instagram with pics and videos of the car. Spyros himself guarantees that he will deliver as promised.

It might not seem like an important event, but consider that this is Greece’s first attempt to establish a place in the automotive world. All this while trying to hold the world record for the fastest car. This means that Spyros aims to beat the elite, with those being: Koenigsegg, Bugatti, Ferrari, Pagani, McLaren, Hennessey, and other top tier hyper-car brands.

This has also turned into a political matter, as the prime minister of Greece is involved too. Grants have been given to Spyros to make this project a reality, and the stakes are high. It’s expected that he will pull more investors and make the country proud. Similar to Mate Rimac.

The rumors

So far, all the specs stand true only on paper, as they haven’t materialized yet. The reveal date of the car has been postponed multiple times. November 1 2021 was the reveal date. However, the expectations were not met because no actual car was shown. Just its 3D renderings only. Regardless, Spyros asked people to not get disappointed yet. He promised that the real car will be ready to be driven on the streets in a short time.

This wasn’t forgotten, though, as the comment sections have been filled with hundreds of comments doubling down on their doubts. They outright call him a scammer who aims to get huge grants for his profit, while providing no results. The rumors could be true, but there are some serious concerns as to why making this car can be an impossible feat even for Spyros.

First, the car has never been tested on the roads. All the performance numbers have been taken from simulation software only. We all know how different things can be on the actual road. You’d have to take into account, temperatures, traction issues, aerodynamics, and material strength, just to name a few.

So, far we’ve only seen renders of the car. This means that the actual car might not even exist. Either way, I’m not a car scientist myself, but ‘B Sport’ has made a comprehensive video on how feasible the ‘Chaos’ could be.

Spyro’s nose grows every time he lies.

Second, even if he manages to put those numbers into practice, the reliability issues and the risks associated with this car would be high. It’s not acceptable to have a dangerous vehicle on the road. This might become an obstacle in attracting the necessary investors and buyers.

It’s true that Spyros is an engineering genius. He proved that he was capable of making small blocks with high power output. However, a road-legal car tailored to consumers, will have to maintain that output without blowing up the engine and being a danger to everybody.

Finally, we’ve already seen previous “hyper-car flops” before. The closest example is the crazy ‘Devel Sixteen.’ That beast had a max. output of 5,000 hp and 5,094 N⋅m (3,757 lb ft) from a V16 engine (track version). There was also a street-legal variant with a V16 with 3,000 hp. Although, Devel Motors cooperated with American and Italian engineers, the expectations fell short. Therefore, some people might rightfully believe that crazy and untested cars could be lies.


The ‘Chaos’ is a promising project that comes from a legit inventor with the proper financial backing. The constant setbacks and disappointing reveal events have made the community very skeptical. Presumably, the Greek government would not allow for such a poor scenario to take place. However, until we see it ourselves, we won’t let our enthusiasm get the best of us.

What are your thoughts on ‘Chaos’?

Will Spyros manage to make his dreams come true?

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