Dubai Moon Resort: Plans For Lunar Accomodations

Dubai to build its own Moon.

Moon Dubai resort

Dubai’s ‘Moon Dubai’ project envisions a $5 billion lunar-themed resort that’s out of this world!


Dubai never ceases to amaze us with its stunning construction marvels. Even so, they still plan to take it up a notch by building a replica of the Moon. It will be quite generous in size too. Just like the real thing… The project is still under discussion. If it sees approval, it will cost around $5 billion. Despite its complexity, they expect to build it in just 48 months!

Here’s what we know so far.

Whose idea was ‘Moon Dubai’?

The Canadian company Moon World Resorts Inc. (MWR), is hiding behind the proposal. The company deals with intellectual and architectural design licensing around the globe. They claim that this project will be unparalleled in terms of luxury and technology. These modern facilities will be the main tourist attraction in Dubai.

This “lunar colony” or ‘Sky Villas’, will be able to accommodate about 10 million visitors annually. It will have all the space-themed material a visitor expects to see. This includes training platforms used by real astronauts. One of those will offer a true zero-gravity experience. That’s where the visitors will be able to explore the lunar surface dressed as astronauts. This will be achieved by hanging from a cable system. If that sounded crazy to you, then how about also driving a lunar rover to move about the resort?

Moon Dubai resort
‘Moon Dubai’ resort concept.

Other facilities will include various lounge areas, nightclubs, suites, spa centers, and event centers. You’ll even have the opportunity to purchase your own private residence. Provided that you have the money, of course.

MWR believes that despite 12 people visiting the real Moon, there are 7 billion still waiting to do so. Therefore, why not bring the Moon right here at home?

‘Moon Dubai’ specifications

The diameter of the moon will be a whopping 198 meters (650 ft), and its height 200 meters (656 ft). The resort will boast about 4,000 luxury suites, with private residences limited to 300. The image below depicts the proposed layout of the interior of the sphere structure. Needless to say, this resort will have a Gold five-star rating according to LEED standards.

Moon Dubai resort layout
‘Moon Dubai’ interior layout.

‘Moon Dubai’ facilities

Moon Dubai resort facilities
‘Moon Dubai’ facilities.

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