Sigma male and sigma grindset

What’s a sigma male and a sigma grindset, and how are they misrepresented by social media?

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What’s a Sigma male? What’s a Sigma grindset? Why is this meme overly used and abused? Here’s what it’s all about.

The emergence of the “sigma male” trend is causing quite a stir in social networks. Generally, the term is used to describe the hierarchy of males in the animal kingdom. However, many people take it out of context and use it as they please. Today, it’s commonly used as a meme and it outlines arbitrary rules of what a Sigma male should be. Also called “the Sigma grindset.”

This may rightfully leave most of us in confusion about what this all means. Some people might as well brush it off as a lame joke. Despite that, specialists insist that a Sigma male is indeed a real classification of a man’s position in the pyramid of hierarchy. There’s literature on the subject, and there are specific traits that make a person a Sigma male. As expected, not every man can be a Sigma male.

Regardless, the Sigma grindset is frequently taken out of context and its definition depends on the poster. That’s social media for you.

The definition of a Sigma male

A Sigma male is an Alpha male that retains all his “Alpha” traits but has discarded all his social bonds. Let’s call it an anti-social Alpha. A Sigma male, as many people put it, is a lone wolf compared to the Alpha wolf who is the leader of the pack. That’s because a Sigma simply doesn’t care about leading a pack.

Etymology-wise, ‘Sigma’ is the 18th letter of the Greek alphabet. In general, Greek letters are typically used to convey the rank of males in a group. ‘Alpha’ (1st) is the leader males, and ‘Beta’ (2nd) is the males that submit to the first. The rest of the letters can be used too, such as ‘Gamma’, ‘Delta’, and ‘Omega’. Even though ‘Sigma’ is the 18th, it sits as high as the ‘Alpha’ in terms of rank. So, consider Sigma as an ‘S-rank’ male.

The definition of Sigma grindset

Sigma grindset is the philosophy or mindset of a Sigma male. It’s the fundamental state of mind a Sigma male has to reach to overcome all his fears and insecurities. To make the impossible possible. To go against the established norms. To go against everybody and discard everything that hinders his path, if necessary.

Sigma males in real life

As you can see the core difference between a Sigma and an Alpha male, is the social aspect. However, the rest of the traits remain almost the same. This means that a Sigma male acts and lives as an Alpha male, but has the virtual advantage of not carrying emotional “baggage” with him. Bothering with other people’s problems would only delay his success.

However, in modern society, all these traits can cause the demise of a Sigma male. Success doesn’t depend on individual skills only. Accomplishing goals comes from the ability to network with other people and socialize with them. You have to know the right people at the right places and earn their trust. Other times you must be an inspiring leader by being empathetic. Although there are some men that have reached peak success without the help of others, those cases are rare.

The majority of people wouldn’t be able to achieve anything without the help of others. We are social beings who live in societies and are dependent on others. So, at some point, we’ll have to deal with people in ways that are opposite to our personalities. This is done for the sake of the potential social rewards.

Sigma symbol…

To give you a better understanding, I’ve collected and outlined below some Sigma male personality traits. Keep in mind that there is no clear definition to be found, so take them with a grain of salt.

1. Independence

As explained, the vital part of a Sigma male is reaching independence from other people.

2. Non-conformity

A Sigma male shouldn’t simply comply with rules and orders that don’t make sense to him. He opposes anything and anybody that is against his interests. He also disregards any possible consequences of that action. This is equal to living by “his own rules.”

3. Solitude

What’s better than loving other people? Loving yourself, of course!

A Sigma male believes loving yourself is more important than loving others. Emotional attachments are a burden that only serves to slow down a Sigma male’s success.

4. Disliking attention

Sigma males are anti-social beings, hence they find the idea of getting attention from other people extremely repulsive. They don’t want other people interfering with their life, regardless of how it turns out.

5. Adaptability

The strong always adapt and overcome difficulties in life. It’s a survival game that the Sigma wishes to triumph.

6. Integrity

A Sigma male is himself in every situation. He doesn’t fake personalities and treats everybody the same.

7. Confidence

Just like an Alpha, a Sigma male is truly confident in himself. There’s no doubt that he will achieve every goal he sets his mind to.

The meme aspect of a Sigma male

The desirability of being a Sigma male has led many men to have delusions about their self-image. Most men find those attributes attractive and try to acclimate them to their own mindset. Even though those are indeed some great characteristics, not all of them are beneficial as mentioned earlier. Regardless, both men and women are charmed by those traits, and mistakenly think that’s what “peak performance” looks like in an accomplished individual. Hence, the reason the Sigma grindset is deviating from what it truly should be.

This leads many Beta males to believe they’re part of this special category. They believe that making memes and posting on social media, is enough to prove themselves. Please remember, a real Sigma man does not need evaluation from people. As a result, that nullifies itself and turns the sigma grindset into a big bucket of arbitrary rules.

Sigma males in real life.

Let’s look at the infamous Sigma grindset memes that dominate the internet.

Sigma male grindset memes

As previously explained, the meme aspect is the dominating trend of this mentality. Below are some examples of what social media thinks those traits are. Although, there are practically infinite instances, with the most noticeable being:

  1. Rule #001: Make your own rules;
  2. Rule #002: Sigma males don’t care;
  3. Rule #003: Talk down on people;
  4. Rule #004: Ignore the facts. Only your opinion matters;
  5. Rule #005: Throw away your medication;
  6. Rule #006: Cause fear and awe to Beta males;
  7. Rule #007: Humiliate Beta males whenever possible;
  8. Rule #008: Sigma males eat Alpha males for breakfast
  9. Rule #009: shit in bed;
  10. Rule #010: Sigma males don’t live by rules (This already contradicts the previous rules).
Sigma rules.

Obviously, most rules are made up and dependent on personal opinions. Anyone can write a whole book about the Sigma grindset from his perspective. The numerous memes and videos you can find online are pure comedy. I enjoy most of them, regardless of their misconceptions. It’s irrelevant whether being a Sigma male is a real thing or not, as long as it provides me with ample entertainment.

I hope this article was informative and entertaining to you.

Are you a Sigma male? Please, leave your comment below.

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