Top 25 slang words used in social media: Part 1

Are you ready to embrace the next-gen slang? You can do it with these 25 phrases!

brap meme wojack smelling farts of a big booty girl

Do the words: simp, incel, doomer, and coomer ring a bell? If not, check these top 25 slang words used in social media to keep up with the youth.

Update 21/09/2021: Click here, for part 2!

The ever-increasing number of social media outlets, along with the accessibility of technology becoming easier than ever, have both contributed to the sudden boom of internet slang words and memes. Every fresh idea or catchy phrase is more than enough to become viral in just a few moments, and it takes only a single post or a hash-tag to start the spiral.

This also makes it harder than ever to follow the current trends and get accustomed to new concepts. The material can originate from anywhere, be it video games, movies, songs, anime, cartoons, and other media that you might not be familiar with. No need to worry, though, as we have collected the most recent and popular slang terms and memes, so you won’t feel left out by your peers or kids.

WARNING: The following words/ memes might be offensive to some people. Please, try to understand that the purpose of this article is to state their definition, and not actually use them as derogatory terms.

Popular terms

1. Boomer, zoomer, coomer, doomer, etc.

The term “Boomer” is linked to “Baby Boomers” and refers to people born between 1946 and 1964. This, along with Gen X, Y, and Z, composes the classification of different generations. But you already know this. What you probably don’t know are the [x]oomer variants generated by this word, where [x] can be anything, and the following hilarious words have been created:

  1. Coomer: a guy or girl that is extremely addicted to masturbation, and frequently cums (cooms);
  2. Zoomer: people of Generation-Z;
  3. Doomer: people who have lost all hope and opportunities in life, hence are practically doomed;
  4. Bloomer: “doomers” that actually managed to make it in life;
  5. 30-year-old boomer: adult men of the age of 30 that resemble old boomers in their lifestyle and mentality;
  6. Consoomer: a pathological consumer that gains pleasure from constant purchasing of unneeded goods;
  7. Anti-coomer: a “coomer” who is now against excessive masturbation.
The 30-year-old boomer wojak meme
The 30-year-old boomer.

2. Incel

A person that is unable to sexually attract the opposite sex.

3. Simp

A simp is a man that is used as a tool by women. They usually pay high sums of money to e-thots (see below) on Twitch, Patreon, OnlyFans, etc. just to get their acknowledgment. If you say anything negative about their virtual girlfriends, they get furiously defensive and do everything to protect them. Even negative comments can’t go through a simp defender.

Simpa meme of Simba the Lion cuckold
“Simpa” the Lion.

4. E-thot

The “e-thot” or “electronic thot” (similar to e-mail), is a woman that usually resides on online streaming services or other content-sharing websites, on which she gladly puts her “goods” to public view for the sole purpose of gaining more money from simps.

Alternative terms: InstaThot, InstaWhore, etc.

E-thot girlfriend wearing pink bra and dress

5. Neet

A person that is neither a student nor employed.

A neet is usually a young person that makes his living through his parents or other third-party contributors.

6. Sus

“Suspicious”, stemming from the popular game ‘Among Us’.

7. Virgin vs. Chad

A comparison phrase where you compare an inferior (virgin) element to its superior (Chad) counterpart. The name Chad, according to popular belief, is typically found on masculine alpha males, hence anything of superior and strong nature is called “Chad.” The female version of “Chad” is “Stacy.”

Example: “Virgin mouse vs. Chad cat”, where the cat definitely owns the mouse as it’s the superior predator.

Virgin vs Chad meme
Virgin vs. Chad meme.

8. Why are you geh?

It means “Why are you gay?”

However, the pronunciation becomes “geh” due to the differences in African spoken English compared to North America, UK, and Australia. The term originated from a live interview of a transgendered person on a Ugandan TV channel. The host asks the transgendered woman the reason she is gay, and that was enough to make it viral.

Why are you gay? meme
“Why are you geh?”

9. Brap

“Brap” refers to the sound of a fart, and is used by people who like big female butts and would love to dip their faces between those asscheeks to inhale all the farts.

It sounds twisted, but it’s a legitimate sexual paraphilia. “Brap” is used when somebody sees big booty and wants to announce his wish to inhale its farts.

brap meme wojack smelling farts of a big booty girl
TheBrap” sound meme.

10. Cuck

Originating from “cuckold”, it’s used as a slur against weak or beta males who do not oppose their women or the government, and it can be applied to any situation. Even in politics.

If you want to know how to use the term properly, just think of it as “emasculated” or “docile.”

11. Nu-male (or soyboy)

“Nu-male” means “new male”, and it describes the latest generation of adult men who are considered to be emasculated, deeply brainwashed by the media and the government, and get pleasure from childish things, such as playing with a Nintendo Switch or other gaming consoles.

A huge contribution to those non-masculine characteristics of nu-males is said to be the excessive consumption of soy products that contain high amounts of plant estrogen, hence feminizing them. Hence, nu-males can be called soyboys, as well.

Nu-male millennial men open mouth meme
Nu-male/ soyboy meme.

12. Honkler

Part of the ‘Clown World’ memes.

It indicates a person who sees the world as a big circus full of clowns, but instead of feeling desperation, the observer embraces the chaos and casually points out the contradiction and ridiculousness of the events and “truths”, as a parody of a circus.

Honkler pepe the frog meme as chad honkler
The “honkler” meme.

13. Yeet

Originally “yeet”, was the audible exclamation of surprise and excitement coming from impressive dance moves. Now the phrase is used whenever someone or something is thrown away by force.

Rafiki monkey yeets Simba the Lion meme
Rafiki “yeets” Simba from the Lion King movie.

14. Goblina

A girl that is short and not particularly attractive (looks like a goblin), but is still sexually attractive. Similar to “butterface.”

15. Drumpf

A slur used against the former president of the USA: Donald J. Trump.

16. Dindu

A racist slur used against people of color who have committed crimes.

It originates from: “He dindu nuffin!” (which should sound as: “he didn’t do anything”) where a black female lawyer uses vernacular language to convey that her client did not commit any of the crimes he was accused of.

17. Karen

An extremely widely used term that typically portrays middle-aged women screeching and verbally attacking other people for weak motives. They almost always refuse to comply with any rules or laws, and you can find them at your local store, demanding to talk to the manager.

18. Passing the vibe check

Passing the vibe check relates to whether a person understands a situation and goes with it, or is ignorant and opposes it. Mostly used on TikTok.

19. Mommy

A big-breasted woman, or a big-breasted mature woman, that resembles a breastfeeding mother, and is sexually attractive.

20. Milkies

“Milkies” are mommy’s big and attractive breasts.

21. Pajeet

A made-up Indian name used as a slur to describe an Indian man.

22. Bonk

“Bonk” is the sound of a wooden bat striking a person on their head as punishment for being excessively horny.

Bonk go to horny jail dog meme
“Bonk” meme.

23. Sauce/ Salsa

It means “source” and it refers to the source (or URL link) of the posted material.

It’s typically found on image boards, and it has nothing to do with actual sauce. Though, it might be depicted as a picture of a dish of pasta with red sauce.

24. Pasta

Similar to sauce/salsa it refers to copied and pasted text with the intention of spam, such as copying and pasting (“pasta”) a certain text to multiple online forums and websites to cause a stir, and troll the readers.

This has also nothing to do with the actual pasta food, though it might be depicted as such.

25. Benis


That’s the collection of the most popular slang/meme words, Part 1. Stay tuned for more.

What other phrases do you know that are popular?

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